What is the best way to take CBD (cannabidiol)?

There are a lot of different delivery methods of CBD on the market.  There are sublingual oils, gummies, vape pens, bath salts, bath bombs, topical creams and salves, and teas.  You can find CBD in pill form, gel caps, or it might be offered as an add-in nutrient at your favorite smoothie bar.  Big corporations are even talking about putting CBD into regular food and beverages.  However, we don’t believe that’s a good idea.  For one thing, there is an upper limit on how much CBD one should consume in a day.  The maximum dose is quite high (upward of 9mg per pound of body weight), but it can add up quickly if one isn’t paying attention.  When taking CBD for therapeutic benefits, one might take between 10mg – 75mg per day, on average, depending on one’s symptoms.  Adding CBD to mainstream food and beverages is a topic for another day.  The question is, what is the best way to take CBD to achieve maximum benefit?  After all, good quality CBD products aren’t cheap!

First, let’s look at gummies, pill/gel caps, and CBD smoothie shots.  When you ingest CBD in this form, it goes through your digestive tract.  Your small intestines are the portion of the digestive tract where nutrient absorption occurs.  It takes between 3-6 hours after one eats for the body to begin to absorb the nutrients into the blood stream from the small intestines.  At the same time, the liver is actively filtering some of the nutrients out of the body with other waste.  Therefore, when swallowed, a significant percentage of CBD is filtered out of the body, never making it into the blood stream.  Additionally, it takes quite a bit of time for CBD absorption to begin (3-6 hours) making oral ingestion a sub-optimal route for people with pain or anxiety looking for fast relief of their symptoms.

Next, we look at vaping.  Vaping CBD offers the fastest delivery of CBD directly into the blood stream.  The CBD is vaporized and inhaled directly into the lungs.  From the lungs, the CBD enters the bloodstream almost instantly, making its way to the brain to connect with the CB2 receptors.  Vaping also offers one of the highest rates of bio-availability of CBD into your body.  This means it allows the highest amount of CBD nutrients to actually make it into the bloodstream for the body to use, unlike swallowing the CBD as mentioned previously.  The biggest down-side to vaping CBD is that you are drawing foreign gases into the lungs, which is questionable.  Are the cartridges clean?  Is the distillate material safe to inhale?  How are your lungs affected?  Do you have a history of asthma or lung damage?  This may not be the best option for everyone.

Sublingual oil is by far our favorite CBD oil delivery system.  It allows the CBD to enter the bloodstream almost as fast as vaping, without inhaling anything into the delicate lungs.  Further, the bio-availability of CBD through the sublingual route is equal or near-equal to that of vaping.  The area under the tongue contains a sensitive lipid-system that is well known by doctors to allow oil-based drugs to enter the blood stream quickly and efficiently.  CBD is a lipid based molecule and that’s why CBD is mostly found in oils.  CBD’s lipid make-up makes it the perfect candidate for sublingual administration.  It is safe, easy, fast and effective.  Sublingual administration enters the blood stream very quickly and can diminish symptoms of panic and anxiety in as little as 5 minutes.

Applying CBD topically in a cream or salve is another great way to benefit from its pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties.  We recommend topical CBD products be used in conjunction with oral CBD products for maximum benefit.  Topical CBD products and bath soaks are great for quick or localized pain relief, but the body needs a higher dose into the blood-stream for the body to see true healing such as reduced inflammation in arthritic patients.  Scientists, for instance, have been studying large-dose transdermal CBD therapy, which showed excellent results for reduced swelling in arthritic joints of rats after four days of applying a very high dose of CBD gel to the skin.  Most topical CBD products on the market would not have a high enough concentration of CBD to produce such results in humans.  However, topical CBD creams and salves work great for short-term relief of acute neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, low back pain, and more.

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